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musings posted in Musings  on 14 June 2013
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Should DJs Always Give a Tracklist for their Mixes?

An interesting conversation cropped up on a Pavel Plastikk mix discussed on DJHistory - here's an excerpt:-

Pavel Plastikk: sorry, no playlist as usual

misterharrison: I'm sure all the artists really appreciate that.

Pavel Plastikk: in case somebody really interested I'm always telling ID in private way. it's kinda taking a lot of time & passion to select & gather nice songs
so I'm always happy to share some story, not tracks

misterharrison: I fully understand your time and passion collecting and selecting, Pavel, but how about the artists' time and passion actually creating the music? Which you then make freely downloadable without even letting people know who it is so they can buy it themselves? It's not actually "your" music, is it?

pavelplastikk: of course not, but I'm not making money on it and I've bought all the tracks as wavs or as records so wtf?!

misterharrison: Sorry, I'll leave it there - I just feel pretty strongly about artists' rights in the internet age.

The first thing you want to know when you hear a song you love is "what the hell is the name of that tune?". It's one of the reasons for setting up abaleariclist.com - to put a name to a sound. When TrackID or Shazam can't identify a song to me, I head over to the spotting forum on DJHistory, and more often than not, someone will give me the ID I'm looking for, and then the next thing I do is BUY the track. I know a lot of people are the same as me. In that sense I agree with misterharrison above - give the artists their due by naming the track, because it will result in more sales to the artist (even if it's another 5 or 10 sales, hey, it's a nice gesture to the artists).

Balearic Mixes Are a Great Way to Discover and Buy New Music

And to defend the DJ that doesn't disclose tracklists? That's easy, actually. I have a big respect to a lot of DJs putting their mixes out there. They spend a lot of money and time digging for vinyl, and they've introduced me to so much music that is brand new to me. Browsing through the vinyl boxes in markets and second-hand shops around the world is akin to an archaelogical dig. It's a labour of love. They put in the hours, money and backache for often just a bit of recognition. So I understand why some DJs are a bit protective of this information - they DO kind of "own" it in a way (everyone "owns" their knowledge of music). And to add to that - not knowing a track's name or artist also adds a bit of mystery and intrigue to the listener. An unidentified track takes on new properties - it becomes more valuable, more precious. Eventually, you're willing to saw off your right arm in exchange for a song title and artist name. And then.....it never arrives. There are those tracks that seemingly remain stubbornly unidentifiable.

Put us out of our misery!

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