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Name   Elevator circular sawing machine
Model   CJK6130

CJK6130 economical nc lathe

CJK6130 economical nc lathe used mechanical and electrical integration design, have beautiful shape, reasonable structure, convenient operation, wide applications, convenient operation, a machine can realize until advantage, DuoZhong products a circular/end face/hole/cutting/any cone/sphere and various metric system of automatic thread cutting, with perfect S/T/M function, can give and receive DuoZhong signal, automatic control processing program


The base of the machine tool, lathe bed guide rail structure reasonable wide, berth box adopts thermal type structure design, the more effectively improve the stability of the machine and the axis of stability.

Before and after the spindle bearings are used high precision ball bearing, contact with diagonal work good stability, high load bearing.

The wear-resisting cast iron casting, guide rail and the super audio quenching and fine grinding, to ensure the long-term stability of machining precision and service life

X axis and Z axis screw all use of four point one-like for structure design, ensure guide in the work more smoothly and not by lateral force influence, in processing products when dragging plate cutting big and small dragging plate more smoothly and vibrate resistance, it is more convenient to maintain better

Z to guide with double swallow tail the fully closed structure design, in machine tool can work better for protection of guide rail, top end before and after sit move more stable and convenient and quick

Spindle flange connection plate adopts the international standard design, ordinary three claws chuck and hydraulic chuck installation more convenient and quick

The machine can be widely used for valve/plumbing/auto parts and other metal parts to the finishing.


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