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Crepuscolo by Umberto Balsamo
Halloween by Gianluca Mosole
Big Spliff by Ralph Thomas
Magic Mystic Faces by Gabor Szabo
Late Night Blues by Dominik Von Senger
Spiral by Wye Oak
Working My Way by Alexander
Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat (Acoustic Version)
Die Weiße Alm by Sergius Golowin
Lenta Latina by Chaz Jankel
Tereza Guerreira by Antonio Carlos & Jocafi I
Pretentious by Bibio
Raincoat by Bibio
Special Kiss by Dreamboat
San Trope Party by Majesticons
Enos by Smith and Mudd
Elastic Minute by Christian Boule
Agent Orange by Depeche Mode
Love's First Kiss by Bill Nelson
The Golden King by Snakefinger
Jihad by Singing Fools
Kanti Dadum by Spike
Tropical Exposition by Hiroyuki Nanba
I 3 Dr. Girl Friend by Kyle Hall
Radio Manila by Randomize
Meeting at the Hilton by Michel Huygen
Beyond The Horizon by Dancing Fantasy
Ascension by Clifford White
Dawn by Klaus Schønning
On the Air Tonight by Pete Bardens
China Blue by Pete Bardens
Planet Funk by Inside All The People (Harvey's Ibiza Sleepy Mix)
I Stand Alone by Agnetha Fältskog
A Higher Ground by Pete Bardens
Reve by Vangelis
Let Love Find You by Incarnations
Amor (edit) by Parlour
Night Drive by Chromatics
Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath
Pharaohs by Tears for Fears
A Nation Rejects by The Art of Noise
Pyxis by Klaus Schønning
Libra (edit) by Parlour
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