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Balloon Is Growing by Janne Schaffer
Rude Movements by Sun Palace
Far Away by The Trepidants
Air Streams by Francis Monkman
Yolden Gears by Anthony Valadez
Night Bus by Adi Dick
Wanderlust by Cloud Boat
Jan Schulte by It's Really You (Edit)
Criollo (Being Borings Mix) by Phil Manzanera
Waltz from the White Mountains by Benjy Wertheimer and Michael Mandrell
Ill Street Blues by Moonrock
One Time by Almunia
Invisible by Pet Shop Boys
Overland by Alex De Grassi
Palmengarten by Michael Rother
Pace Verde by Andreas Vollenweider
Toward the One by Steven Halpern
Hej and Hå! by Dag Vag
Repatriation by Herbs
Orema Ka-ka-ka by Pierre Akendengue
Sirens in the City by Black Slate
A Touch Of Temptation by Masaaki Ohmura
Island by The Edge
Drift by The Edge
Humble Maid by Lins and Ford
Solid Mass by Lake Heartbeat
Portal Da Cor by Milton Nascimento
Slow Beat by Escape From New York
Sphinx by Harry Thumann
Forever by Christoph Spendel Group
Irresponsible Happy by Pyrolator
Bébé Reggae by Babeth
Midnight Round Mekines by Javier Bergia
Gymnopédie No.1 by Erik Satie
B Cause (89 Remix) by Jump St Man
Smile by Laura Nyro
Turquoise by Babe Ruth
Feeling In Time by Spirit
Octave Doctors by Steve Hillage
Palm Trees (Love Guitar) by Steve Hillage
Ganyangrok by Cho Yong Pil
Island by Buggles
Voyager Without Passport by Friedemann Witecka
Out of Control by Robert Schroeder
The Gate Of Japonesia by Water Melon Group
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