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Katja by Cantoma
Mermaid by Sade
Powder by Sweetback
Ask the Mountains by Vangelis
The Gates of Ancient Cities by Chris and Cosey
Sleep by BFC (Carl Craig)
Comme au Cinéma by Alain Delon
Half Forgotten Daydreams by John Cameron
Sarah's Crime by Toshifumi Hinata
Melina by Soft Machine
Blue by Paul Horn (featuring Joni Mitchell)
Missing You by Justin Velor featuring Gerry Love
Soft Melody by Desert
Jarabi by Toumani Diabaté, Ketama, Danny Thompson
Cabo by Jeff Richman
The Sun in September by Matthew Halsall
Neptune’s Last Stand by Heroes of the Galleon Trade
Lay Me Down by Renée
Lost at The Shore by Clifford White
Traffic by Dream Gerrad
Think Too Much by Paul Simon
Parallels by Laurie Miller
The Dragon by Vangelis
Wanted by Doogy Degli Armonium
Mescaleros by Doogy Degli Armonium
Utopia by Quiet Village
Tiempo de Espera by Orquesta de las Nubes
Every Man by Tchai
Equador by Gary Low
MU Opacity by Kamiya
Hours by Tycho
Rue Casmir Delavigne by Harold Budd
Rolling Over by Low Roar
Cloudy This Morning by George Winston
Aqua Marine by Santana
Night Owl by Gerry Rafferty
First Rain by Marc Antoine
Grantchester Meadows by Pink Floyd
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