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Blue Period by Jon Hassell
Stop the Clock by Paul Hardcastle
Island by 801
Man of the World by Peter Green
Garden Constellations by July Skies
Girl on the Hill by July Skies
The Softest Kisses by July Skies
Seventh Wave by The Timewasters
The Big Bang by Julie Felix
Annika by Crossection
Coast To Coast by Tender Leaf
Essence Of Romance by Parachute
Diabolo Menthe by Yves Simon
Ghost In The Boombox by Memory Cassette
Les Macareux by Bernard Benoit
Raconte-Toi by Yves Simon
Gone by Bautista
The Smallest Part by Popnoname
Mystic Motion by Kaoru Inoue
Asleep at a Party by Memory Cassette
I See Red by Clannad
Tongue by Underworld
Harlem Overdrive by Visit Venus
What's Up by Ooze
Adrift For Days by Tipper
Les Singes by Carrousel
Mexico by Dennis Wilson
Can't Hear My Eyes by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
La Danza Dell' Acqua by Tony Esposito
Chant Of The C Shell by Ancient Future
L'enfant au Royaume des Mouches by Jean Claude Vannier
Quiet Move by Captain Mustard
Genoa by Smith & Mudd
Runaway by Georg Levin
Ed's Funky Diner by It's Immaterial
Mountain Range by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
The Road To Happiness by The Lilac Time
Sunset Over the Ganges by Monsoon featuring Sheila Chandra
Becoming A Nun by Vanessa Daou
Shanghai by Ramasandiran Somusundaram
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