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18th Parallel by Vesuvio Solo
The Anguish of Space Time by Apparat Organ Quartet
Jiddu by Eziak
The River by Chromatics
The Sensual World by Kate Bush
Army Dreamers by Kate Bush
Seongah And Jimmy by Neil Diamond
Sweet Sultan by D-Day
Now The Sun Has Gone by The Beatmen
Mechanical by INXS
Ray-Dee-Oh by The Android Sisters
Ombilic Contact by The Atomic Crocus
Back On Love by Cadence
Spectacular by Satin & Green
Young Boy by Metal Moments
Karmapa Chenno by Don Cherry
Easy on Yourself (dub) by Jerry Williams
An Adventure in the East by Buedi Siebert
Come On Home by Lijadu Sisters
Awakening Chi by Buedi Siebert
Hmm by Büdi und Gumbls
Regina's Dance by Richard Schneider Jr.
More Love by White Singers
Absolute by Scritti Politti
Ways of Love by Dreamworld
Baby Love by Spike
Jungle Talk by Bob Chance
Gentle Persuasion by Doug Hream Blunt
Boston by Pedro Aznar
So... by Turquoise Summers
Gettin' To The Good Part by Herbie Hancock
Kusini by Manu Dibango
Two Ways Out by Eric Serra
Cute Name by Eric Serra
Welcome to Love by Space Art
Que Delícia by Baby Consuelo
Telúrica by Baby Consuelo
Todo Dia Era Dia de Indio by Baby Consuelo
Papaya by Paola Orlandi
São Salvador by Gal Costa
It's So Different Here by Rachel Sweet
Eladó ez a szerelem by Szűcs Judith
Hooked to Calypso by Jolly Kunjappu
Bedroom Secrets by Javaroo
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