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Anambra by Ozo
Sea Hunt by Patrick Cowley
Dooyo by Dur-Dur Band
Lypso Illusion by Stephen Encinas
Never Can Get Enuff by Turquoise Summers
Secret Lover by Uku Kuut
Back To Scales Tonight by Wally Badarou
Feel Alright (Future Mix) by With It Guys Feat. Shirley Lewis
Wondering by Ryo Kawasaki
You are the Sunlight by Ryo Kawasaki and the Golden Dragon
Long Distance by Merge
Regatta de Blanc by The Police
Rosery Pilots by Balil
Buena Onda by Touchè Moreno
Chinatown by Starcadian
Back To The Streets by Rudy Norman
Silky Way by Kraan
Pinball by Brian Protheroe
Fazon by Sopwith Camel
Faces by Clio
Madrugada Eterna by The KLF
Silhueta Nekdanjosti by Petar Ugrin
Imprint After by Toro y Moi
Pomslap by Pomrad
Glass Cities by Mitch Murder
Samo Muzika by Petar Ugrin
Summer Sunday by Waves
Wolkenflug by Sigi Schwab
Sun and Water by Danny Heines
Seaside Weekend by Isabelle Antena
Sea Bed by Lenny MacDowell
Rain Dance by Steve Bach
Relax by Asiko
Tsuru Kame Hinatango by Kazumi Watanabe
It's Been An Hour by Sorcerer
Lusaka By Night by John Wizards
Save D Musician by Black Truth Rhythm Band
Ocean Wave by Jack DeJohnette & Foday Musa Suso
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