A Balearic List // a list of favourite tracks

Favourite Links

Test Pressing - a great archive of balearic mixes, very eclectic

Noise In My Head - another great archive, and almost every mix has a tracklisting too

mixcloud.com - all mixes have tracklistings, and there's a search facility so you can cross-references mixes. Useful if you really love a particular track, type it in the search box and you can discover other DJs who feature this track in their mixes (good way to discover new tracks within these mixes).

DJ History Forum - a nice place to visit if you want to discover new music and chat with like-minded people into this weird uncategorisable sound called "balearic".

Purple Radio - mixes galore and tracklistings too.

Balearic Social on Soundcloud - more mixes....

Ying Yangs - a big mish-mash of musings and music, much discoveries made here

The Growing Bin - mixes (sometimes with track listings) + features on rare tracks and albums